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Family Caring for Elderly Struggle in Many Areas

Family Caregivers of Elderly Struggle in Many Areas Family caring for seniors likely to Face Difficulties at Work and Home Evidence of the stresses of family care giving just keeps mounting.…
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The Importance of Medication Management in Home Health Care Services

The Importance of Medication Management in Home Health Care ServicesProper medication management is perhaps one of the most important components of any senior’s in home care plan, as a failure…
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How can RN Care Management Help Your family?

What is Geriatric Care Management? Feeling anxious and overwhelmed as a family caregiver? A geriatric care manager can relieve your stress by helping you make care giving decisions, navigate the elder…
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Senior Transportation- LOA Grant & GS

Assisted Senior TransportationGeneration Solutions is excited to partner with the LOA, Local Office on Aging of Roanoke VA, on another initiative. Senior Transportation to & from doctor's appointments, the pharmacy,…
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Creating an at Home Dementia Care Plan

Creating an at Home Dementia Care PlanCreating a dementia care plan for your loved one can give you and your family a way to anticipate and deal with the changes…
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Care Coordination -Joining the Collaborative Health Partners

Generation Solutions has joined the Collaborative Health Partners. We joined in an effort to better serve our clients & improve health outcomes & care coordination.Collaborative Health Partners of Virginia (CHP) is…
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Benefits of Hiring a Home Care Agency vs. Private Caregivers

Benefits of Hiring a Home Care Agency vs. Private CaregiversLast year, Eunice and her family decided that the 82-year-old widow needed a little extra help around the house with chores,…
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Fight Home Contractor Scams Involving Seniors

According to the November 2015 issue of Consumer Reports Magazine, American seniors and their families lose $3 billion a year to con artists. Seniors are scammed by mail fraud, phone…
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What is Occupational Therapy and How Does It Help?

As seniors age, daily tasks like grooming, eating, and dressing can become difficult. Risks of falling or other injury also increase as mobility decreases. How can seniors stay healthy and…
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Does Medicare Cover My Home Care Needs?

Does Medicare Cover My Home Care Needs?There are many misconceptions about what Medicare will cover and how to qualify for it. Medicare only covers limited home care under certain strict…
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