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Senior Transportation- LOA Grant & GS

Texas transportation Services for Seniors and the ElderlyAssisted Senior Transportation

Generation Solutions is excited to partner with the LOA, Local Office on Aging of Roanoke VA, on another initiative. Senior Transportation to & from doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy, or medical procedures can be a challenge & a logistical hassle.The LOA has been working & advocating to find solutions. The LOA is thrilled to be one of the recipients of a special interest grant for the elderly from the Foundation for Roanoke Valley. The LOA & the seniors they serve will benefit greatly from a $40,793 grant from the Mary Louise Home Fund to provide Assisted Senior Transportation. With this grant, a certified nursing assistant (CNA), from Generations Solutions, will not only assist clients into the vehicle and drive them to their appointment, but also accompany clients to their doctors appointments.

For those seniors or families interested in the program consider the following. The individual must be at least 60 years old and need assistance to go to medical appointments determined by a LOA assessment.  This service is for non-emergency transportation to medical appointments where seniors do not require a wheelchair van. Transportation is provided by a trained, licensed, bonded, & insured caregiver.

To register & request trips from the LOA Assisted Transportation, provided by Generation Solutions caregivers, call the LOA intake number at (540)345-0451. PLEASE call 3-5 days prior to the medical appointment

This program is a fee for service program, clients in the program will pay a fee according to their income.

The LOA & Generation Solutions are more than happy to guide you through the process to make medical appointment senior transportation easier & more accessible.   http://www.loaa.org/

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