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Generation Solutions is giving COVID-19 the appropriate attention and taking precautionary steps related to in-home care. We are screening our caregivers and clients for COVID-19 symptoms, along with educating our team on the spread of the virus, infection prevention methods, and plans if a client or caregiver demonstrates symptoms. Hand washing, social distancing, avoidance of unnecessary travel, knowledge, and common sense are key to protecting our seniors.
GS is taking direction from our licensing body the Virginia Department of Health, and  communicating with them as needed. We are also keeping up to date with recommendations/mandates from the CDC, WHO, and local/state governments. Communication with local hospital systems, primary care offices, and skilled nursing facilities is also important to our plan to combat COVID-19. The safety of our clients and caregivers is key to the mission of Generation Solutions. We want to provide the necessary home care while erring on the side of caution to protect those that have entrusted care to our organization.
We will communicate with clients and caregivers via email, mail, and phone. We will also keep our website and social media pages up to date. Your questions and concerns are welcomed. Feel free to call our offices LYNCHBURG (434)455-6500  ROANOKE (540)776-3622

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