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The Importance of Medication Management in Home Health Care Services

The Importance of Medication Management in Home Health Care Services

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Proper medication management is perhaps one of the most important components of any senior’s in home care plan, as a failure to manage medication can cause serious illness, hospitalization, emergency room visits and even death. Most seniors who require home health care services are on several medications and are unable to manage these medications on their own. It is estimated that nearly 60% of seniors make some type of mistake when taking their medication. While some of these mistakes are relatively harmless, others can be much more serious.

One of the benefits of having a team of home care specialists available is that they can help in any medication management situation from the simple to the very complex. Generation Solutions’ home health aides can remind seniors when to take their medications and how to take their medications properly. Our RN’s can make home visits to fill pill boxes or utilize our medication carousel management device. Geriatric Care Managers can help manage medications through filling med boxes, accompanying seniors to doctor appointments, & communicating with multiple specialist and the family. 

Generation Solutions is proud to offer the MED-E-ALERT (medication carousel) medication management solution for purchase or rent.

Each MED-E-LERT provides safety, security, & peace of mind. Comes Standard With:

  • Alarm Sounding for 30 minutes or until medications are dispensed
  • Six Dosage Rings for Customized Dosage Settings
  • Custom Barrel Key for Added Safety
  • Loud Alarm and Flashing light
  • A removable pill tray with 28 slots for medications
  • 4 AA batteries
  • One Year Limited Warranty

For assistance with medication management lean on our expertise.

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