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Fight Home Contractor Scams Involving Seniors

According to the November 2015 issue of Consumer Reports Magazine, American seniors and their families lose $3 billion a year to con artists. Seniors are scammed by mail fraud, phone fraud, identity theft and—what is alarming–the number of seniors who are preyed upon by local contractors. Or… criminals who pretend to be legitimate contractors. We are fighting to stop senior scams.

Seniors are the target of scams. And when it happens they are often so embarrassed they do not tell anyone, even their own family. But it happens all the time!

Here are a couple of tips for families to prevent their parents and grandparents from getting taken advantage of in today’s home improvement market. The following are actions to consider for retired loved ones aging in place:

Visit their senior family member often. Look for changes in behavior, hygiene, eating habits, and routine.

Get assistance for the senior concerning the financial duties of running a household. If you see problems with the house’s structural safety, physical risks of injury, or the lack of handicapped accessibility, agree to oversee the process of getting a contractor.

Take the burden and risk off the senior’s shoulders by offering to help with regular maintenance. These things can include changing filters, cleaning gutters, doing odd jobs, and being proactive with replacing old or worn household items and appliances.

Step in with respect to money management by allowing the senior access to small amounts of cash or accounts. Empower them to control of day-to-day spending while protecting their savings. This decreases the risk of major financial losses. The senior’s resistance may occur, but reassure them you have their best interest in mind. If other objections arise, seek help from a financial professional you trust to facilitate bill paying, investments, & money management.

Opt out of commercial mail and phone solicitations when possible on the senior’s behalf. Vet all contractors and make sure all work conducted is by reputable companies. 

Visit an elder care lawyer and consider a trust.

Finally, when seniors find themselves in need, call Generation Solutions Contractor Alliance. Our Alliance can offer several thoroughly vetted, quality local contractors in most areas of home repair and improvement. https://www.generationsolutions.net/contractor-alliance/

Generation Solutions Contractor Alliance is a free referral service, offering a measure of safety, quality control—and most importantly—protection to seniors looking to age in place in their own homes. Call us for more details! (434)455-6500 or (540) 776-3622