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Three Safety Precautions for Seniors Living at Home

Safety for SeniorsAlthough retirement communities and nursing homes have their benefits, we believe seniors are better off living at home for as long as possible. Home offers more stability, comfort, freedom and overall happiness that cannot be found anywhere else. In a study by AARP, they found that nearly three-quarters of seniors prefer being at home until they are no longer able to live there safely. As in-home care becomes more and more appealing and mainstream, we expect that 75% to continue rising.

To stay at home, you and your loved ones must take some safety precautions. With age comes increased risk of falls and forgetfulness, so it’s important to put safety first and protect yourself and your loved ones from potentially harmful accidents.

Here are three safety precautions for seniors living at home:

1. Alarm Systems

One great thing about technology is its ability to monitor your home and ensure safety. Whether you want to protect against burglary or fires, there are lots of systems that you can install at home to ensure peace of mind. Common technologies include: video surveillance, fire and smoke monitoring, burglary monitoring, garage door control, and remote arm/disarm. Knowing that you and your loved ones can be safe, at home or away, is a great relief.

2. Medication distribution tools

As we age, we tend to depend more on medications to keep us healthy and prevent illness. Although it may feel overwhelming to remember daily pills, you can remove the stress of forgetting an important dose by using medication carousels and pill planners. These distribution tools help lay out the days, weeks, and months so that you, or your loved one, know exactly what needs to be taken and when. Put the pill confusion behind you and stop wondering if the correct pills were taken this morning (or taken twice). These wonderful tools will help keep things on track, and help remind you when it’s time for a medication refill at the pharmacy.

3. Emergency response systems

Similar to alarm systems, emergency response systems are focused on keeping you, and your loved ones, safe from falls and other physical emergencies. Life Alert is a great tool for those living alone. Seniors can call for help by simply pressing the button on the pendant around their neck or wrist and assistance will be on the way.

Living at home for as long as possible has been shown to increase senior happiness. You have freedom, independence, privacy and the familiarity and comfort of the home you love. But, living at home safely is even better! Whether you want mom or dad to stay safe, or you’re looking for options for yourself, these three safety precautions will help protect you from unnecessary harm.

For more ways to create a safe living space for you or your loved ones, here is a free helpful read: “How To Make Your Home Senior-Friendly”

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