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Fun and Healthy Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Fall in VirginiaWinter is just around the corner, but it’s still a beautiful time to get outside in Central Virginia. Here are some fun, healthy outdoor activities for seniors to enjoy!

1. Have a picnic

Grab your friends and family and head to a park. You don’t need to bring anything fancy – just some blankets, cozy clothing, a few thermoses with your favorite hot drink, and some healthy snacks. This is an especially great activity for multi-generational families, because the park will entertain young grandchildren. Remember to bring your favorite board games or cards along.

2. Stroll around the neighborhood

Believe it or not, just walking a mile a day is a great way for seniors to maintain cardiovascular health. Bring a walker or cane just in case you need extra stability, and remember to wear layers just in case you get cool.

3. Gently exercise in nature

Even though our bodies become more stiff and prone to injury as we age, it’s important to keep our muscles, joints and ligaments moving! Tai chi, qigong and yoga are all perfect ways to strengthen and lengthen connective tissue. Doing light stretches and breathing exercises outdoors is the perfect way to relax the body and clear the mind.

4. Grab seasonal produce at the local farmer’s market

One of the best ways to embrace fall is by enjoying your favorite seasonal dishes. From fresh apple pie to seasoned squash and even pumpkin ravioli. The meal options are endless, and all of the fresh produce, meats, and cheeses you need are available at your local market. Visiting the farmer’s market is a nice excuse to get out of the house, make some new friends, and explore what your local vendors have to offer.

5. Create something in nature

In Virginia, we are surrounded by beauty. The mountains, rivers, lakes, lush forests and meadows are great sources of artistic inspiration. Grab a pad of paper and some pencils or paints, and sketch out your favorite scene. Or, grab a camera and take some photographs.

6. Visit the lake

There’s nothing better than a beautiful day on the water. As the leaves change color, Smith Mountain Lake is a gorgeous spot to sit back and relax. You can pull right up to a beach and enjoy some hot cocoa or cider by the water and enjoy the view.

So, grab your favorite sweater, and start soaking up fall in Virginia with your loved ones!


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