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The Convergence of Technology and Seniors Aging at Home

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Fast computing systems, big data, and data analysis have been paramount to the growth of the fields of finance, engineering, retail and many others and we are beginning to see it make inroads to the home healthcare industry. The biggest news is the recent partnership between IBM and the University of California, San Diego. This collaboration’s aim is to increase the quality of life and increase the amount of time that seniors can live independently in their own home.

Goal for Senior Technology Center

 At their new facility, The Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Living Center, they will combine technologies from multiple fields to achieve their goal. They will do this by their unprecedented study of the impact of genetics, the home environment, and daily habits have on the health and well being of seniors living at home. Another key goal that the Center has in mind is to use the large amounts of data that they collect and process it with IBM’s artificial intelligence technology “Watson” in an effort to help identify early signs of dementia more accurately. Physical as well as mental impairments are the leading cause of seniors losing their independence and having to move to a retirement home or other assisted living facility. From this data the center hopes to create customizable living environments that will coalesce with human care aids to facilitate older adults living in their own homes longer.

Companies Moving Towards Aiding Seniors at Home

IBM and the University of California, San Diego are not the only groups that are getting involved in the market for creating user friendly technology devices to facilitate seniors living in their homes longer. According to The United States Department of Health and Human Services, by 2040 there is estimated to be nearly a quarter of the population over the age of 65. This large portion of the population is driving many private sector companies to start creating home technology devices and systems. These devices and systems range from smart video cameras, health monitoring, emergency response, to home security, and personal convenience devices. Generation Solutions has broadened their home care services by opening a new branch of the company, TECHnology Solutions. We are ready to meet you and your family’s needs and help you reach your goals of remaining independent in the place you call home!

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