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BIG Program for Parkinson’s and Neurological Disorders

How the BIG Program works

The BIG program is designed to combat the little movements caused by the decrease of dopamine in the brain. The BIG program retrains your brain using a high amplitude, high effort program.

LSVT Big & Loud

Since people with this disease develop small movements, the program forces people to use BIG movements. A patient may even find themselves saying “I feel like I am moving too big,” when in fact they are creating a normal movement. They are literally retraining their brain to move BIGGER, which looks like normal movement to everyone else.  Also,  the program teaches people to use BIG movements in all activities in life. Lastly, the program can address issues with procedural memory and attention since it is a an hour long session. The program is fun but intense as it involves four sessions a week for four weeks (16 sessions in a month).  It also includes daily homework or exercise.

How the BIG program is designed

Start exercising NOW – as soon as possible. Physicians rarely refer their patients to health and fitness programs at diagnosis because medications are very effective early on at alleviating most of the symptoms, and patients experience little change in function. Yet, according to a recent survey it is at the time of diagnosis that patients often begin to consider lifestyle changes and seek education about conventional and complementary/alternative treatment options. Thus referrals to exercise, wellness programs and physical/occupational therapy would be best initiated at diagnosis, when it may have the most impact on quality of life.

Where to find the Big program

Look no further, Generation Solutions skilled home health care division is now offering this program in Lynchburg! Contact us today for more information and to find out how you or your loved one can start this program! The BIG program should only be lead by a BIG certified physical therapist (PT), physical therapist assistant (PTA), occupational therapist (OT) or occupational therapy assistant (OTA). 

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